HOTween is a fast, type-safe object-oriented tween engine, compatible with all of Unity's scripting languages. It can automate the animation of any numeric (and some non-numeric) property or field (numbers, vectors, transforms, and so on) in many different ways.

Requirements Unity 3/4/5
License Type Free, Open source
First Released On January 2012

Credits whodunit

Daniele Giardini [Demigiant]
Dmitriy Yukhanov
Low-level optimizations
A few code and performance optimizations, advice, lectures on coding style
Robert Penner
Creator of the original ActionScript easing equations
James Nies
Developer of the FastDynamicMemberAccessor classes, which HOTween uses to access objects properties faster than with simple Reflection
Developer of the CRSpline class, which HOTween partially uses to calculate movement along Catmull-Rom paths