aka Daniele Giardini loves depth and deranged perspectives, is at war with his clothes

I make games (game design, storytelling/writing, coding, UI/UX, artI'm learning music too but I currently suck at that), Unity tools, comics, illustrations and interactive stuff (projects for museums/exhibitions, apps, websites and a lot more, which I have no interest in showing here), while living in supersecret hidden caves between Rome (Italy) and Niš (Serbia).

I co-founded Holoville years ago, but now I closed it and am a single .

Contact me hello, how are you?

I discovered that my previous contact form started behaving erratically and was sending me only a few emails out of all the contact ones, so I apologize if I never answered you (which means I never got your email), and now I switched to a shockingly straightforward approach.

Partners & Collaborators most of them also good friends and lovely people

Jelena Đorđević

Funnily dramatic illustrator and comic artist. Her art can carve anything, from the streams of Joyce to the cannibalistic rivers of b‑movie horrors. Also the love of my life and thCENSORED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sir Pietro 'Tagliatelle' Polsinelli

Rinascimental thinker and crypto-revolutionary. Constantly seeks novelty in coding while breathing out rock solid imaginative game design.


Coding jedis, wisdom providers, bug hunters and Top Gun amateurs. No mountain is too high, no river too deep for them, because they will recalculate the shaders of reality while implementing all kinds of wall hacks.

Ben Burnes

Multi-layered composer and musician extraordinaire, his joyous smile is like a sphinx hiding immeasurable depths of perception and composition, in a game of beautifully broken expectations.

Isak J Martinsson

Ironic musician and outronic coder. His devious mind will politely contrive the most difficult games you've ever played and then laugh at you with unxpected warmth.

Natalia Figueroa

Poliformic artist and omni-animator. As soon as she'll become a dictator, she will impose the hamster dance on all her subjects, so you better be ready.

Luigi di Guida

Philharmonic composer and tricky musician. His positive attitude and eclectism will change your game into something new and impressive, and will make you look way better than you really are.

We Are Müesli

Unconventional storytellers and gaming explorers, this dynamic duo will paint your brain's most inner roads with bright and mysterious colors, in order to distract you while they hide long lost tales inside your liver.

Michele Pirovano

Cloud-based coder and alterphysics inventor, he can write engines with his hair, and if you watch them too long they will turn you into stone. Or maybe just get you stoned. In a good way.

Fabian Smith

Indie art guy and osmotic designer. When you hear the high noon bell, he will be in the middle of the corral, shooting memes from his fingers.

Paul Harden

3D priest and symphonic bard. Can drink more than you. While smoking barely legal cigars that melt the bodies of everyone around him.

Gaetano Leonardi

Artist, toy designer, moustache carrier.

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